We know insurance is complicated, thats why we designed a product that provides more coverage, is easier to understand, and contains unique features and options. All this at a really competitive price!

So what’s so different about Openly?


We cover losses that other insurance policies EXCLUDE

We provide more coverage for your most valuable assets

  • Most insurance policies only cover special items up to a certain limits. Our policy increases those limits so you are less likely to reach a cap.

  • Under a traditional policy, your posessions are only covered for specific loss events. Our policy broadens the types of losses that are covered.


We partner with Agents that tailor coverage based on your needs

  • Independent Agents personalize coverage to every individual. Our quoting process is simple, which enables more time for coverage consultation.

  • Agents represent multiple carriers, so they can determine if the Openly product is right for you

Interested in getting a quote from an Independent Agent?

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Where are we doing business?

We are working to expand our product offering across the country. Please sign up for updates or check back to track our progress.